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Ocean Mini Cards Individual
  • Ocean Mini Cards Individual

    • Mini Cards: 3.5" x 2" folded card with envelope 
    • Blank Inside
    • Great for accompanying pretty wrapped packages, inside school lunch bags, tucked away in a travel bag or a "just because I love you" note. 
    • Envelope colors vary
    • Complete list of ocean cards: Dolphin Pod, Flying Fish, Garabaldi Fish, Gooseneck Barnacles, Hermit Crab, Harlequin Shrimp, Japanese Sea Nettle, Lionfish, Lookdown Jack, Manta Ray, Man O'War, Nudibranchs, Octopus Babies, Phytoplankton, Pufferfish, Sea Fan, Sea Urchins, Spotted Eagle Rays, Whale Shark
    • **These mini cards cannot be send via the post office as they are too small. To send via the post office, place mini card inside a 3" x 5" envelope
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