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My name is Laura Beach and I’m the owner and designer of Laura Beach, Thoughtful Migration Woodcuts and Letterpress. I was lucky enough to grow up in a household with an art teacher mom and an art appreciative Dad. With my mom leading the way, my little brother, big sister and I filled our days with art: stickers, drawing, sewing, stained glass, and beading instilled a wonder and love for making things with our hands.

As I was pursuing a Biological Science degree at UC Davis, I was fortunate to stumble upon a new art form and found my true art love - printmaking. It was a done deal! My love of an old world craft began. Combining my interests in science and the natural world with my love of graphic design, woodcut prints, being a total font nerd; together with metal type, luscious paper, and irresistibly heavy machinery, I run and own Laura Beach, Thoughtful Migration Letterpress and Woodcuts. A small, one-woman boutique stationery studio in Santa Cruz, CA.

Hey there

Thoughtful Migration came from the idea that the imagery in my woodcut prints would inspire appreciation for the natural world. My work is influenced by experiences traveling, backpacking, hiking and playing in the ocean. Oh, and did I mention... I also teach high school biology and environmental science when I’m not wearing the printmaking apron.


I offer a variety of nature-inspired wholesale and retail stationery products as well as custom design for weddings, birthdays, babies, graduations and any other occasion you can dream up! I like to source my raw materials from businesses that keep green in mind whenever I can!


Follow me on Instagram @laurabeach for more daily paper updates!

xo, Laura

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