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katie + mark

- kilts & cathedral wedding -

A San Francisco classic elegant cathedral wedding blended California and European roots, bringing people from across the globe to see this wonderful couple get married. The groom and his men wore traditional Scottish kilts showcasing the family tartan. The inspiration for the invitation and RSVP came from some of the couples favorite wildflowers from their outdoor adventures around home here in California and abroad when visiting family. I love making maps and incorporating elements from around the world and I got to do just that for their RSVP which was made into a custom stamp they could use on their wedding envelopes and future thank you cards. With the more traditional Grace cathedral ceremony, oversize programs were digitally printed so guests could join in and follow along. With the variety of delicious food at the reception, guests had an array of items to choose from. To help make it easy on the serving staff, small food preference cards were hand drawn and digitally printed, and positioned at each place setting.  

  • Letterpress invitation with green envelopes

  • Letterpress RSVP card with letterpress printed return address on envelopes

  • Digitally printed receiption program

  • Digitally printed wedding banner

  • Digitally printed menu

  • Digitally printed food preference place cards

  • Hand-drawn custom stamp

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